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A New “Cap” for Researchers

By TTU Office of the CIO

The TTU IT Division, working in partnership with the Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR), is piloting Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) software, a new collaborative survey and research tool designed as a collaborative research tool for higher education created by researchers at Vanderbilt University. More than 140,000 researchers are currently using the product, and you can find more information about the initiative at: http://projectredcap.org.

REDCap is web-based survey software supported by a strong consortium (971 members) and growing constituency. This year, Texas Tech University joined the REDCap consortium, and installed the software for our campus. This spring we pilot tested the new service with the East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood project, and the TTU Institute for Measurement, Methodology, Analysis, and Policy (IMMAP). During the pilot, we were able to calibrate and customize the service for Texas Tech University.

REDCap allows researchers to build, test, and manage instrumentation for studies throughout the life cycle of the study using the intuitive, user-friendly online design tool. The software does not restrict the types of questions researchers use in their instruments, but it does allow for the validation of participants' responses for quality assurance. Researchers are able to leverage and share instruments and data in REDCap across multiple institutions.

REDCap can be used by any TTU faculty or staff member to collect, share, and review data at no cost to the individual(s) or department because the TTU Office of the CIO has underwritten the cost for the service. REDCap does not require individual software licenses or recurring software maintenance fees. Campus researchers may elect to migrate instruments and data from other costly platforms into this new institutional resource. Prior to collecting any data, institutional approval must be obtained from the Institutional Review Board Protection of Human Subjects Committee, Office of the CIO, or other administrative entities, as appropriate.

To request access to the TTU REDCap service, visit www.evaluate.ttu.edu. On your first visit, you will request access to the service and on subsequent visits you may utilize the tool. More information about REDCap and several tutorial videos can be found at http://projectredcap.org. For additional information, please contact IT Help Central or (806) 742-4357 (HELP).

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