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Targeted Faculty Award Nomination and Incentives Outlined

As a part of Texas Tech’s drive to increase recognition of distinguished faculty and increase the national and international visibility of the university, the university will continue to support successful applications for nationally prestigious fellowships and other awards recognized by the Center for Measuring University Performance (CMUP), the American Association of Universities (AAU), and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

The list of external awards for which the university will provide incentives to faculty has been streamlined and the incentivization plan has been slightly revised to cultivate nominations and applications for these awards. A list of these fellowships and awards, the procedures and timeline for submitting nominations and incentives for receiving an award may be found on the Targeted Faculty Awards webpage.

Nominations and Applications

For those awards requiring candidates to submit applications and do not require nominations, candidates should submit their applications in due time; we would appreciate that the Office of the Vice President for Research be informed that an application is being submitted.

For those awards requiring the submission of nomination and support letters from colleagues, it is strongly advised that these supporting documents be requested four months before the agency deadline.

For those awards requiring a formal institutional nomination (e.g., National Medal of Science), candidate names should be sent to the Office of the Vice President for Research for consideration, via proposals.vpr@ttu.edu, and should include the candidate’s name, contact information, CV, and a brief (half-page) justification for the nomination. It is recommend that candidate names be submitted four months before the agency deadline.

Incentives to Award Recipients

A faculty member who receives one of the AAU/CMUP/THECB fellowships or awards will also receive:
  1. Up to $25,000 for demonstrated relocation expenses. This reimbursement will be jointly provided by the Offices of the Provost and the Vice President for Research. An advance budget estimate will be required and approved to establish the account.
  2. A one-time $5,000 award, to be centrally funded, granted at the start of the fiscal year following conclusion of the fellowship or award year.
Eligibility for the incentives starts with the faculty member declaring his or her intention to apply for one of the covered awards, including notification/conversations with the department chair or area coordinators, dean or dean’s representative, and the Offices of the Vice President for Research and the Provost.  Faculty receiving these awards will be expected to provide a written report to the Provost and VPR within two months following the conclusion of the award-associated activities, and in the future to provide assistance, advice, or presentations to other faculty interested in applying for these awards.

This university opportunity does not preclude colleges from offering their own incentivization of more discipline oriented faculty awards. In fact, such arrangements are encouraged, based on funding availability from the units.