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Data Management Planning at Texas Tech University
by Christopher Starcher

Texas Tech University offers tools to researchers for data management. If you are applying for grant funding for your research, you may be required to submit a data management plan (DMP). TTU researchers now have access to DMPTool.

DMPTool is a platform to assist researchers in creating DMPs to meet the requirements of grant funding agencies. The DMPTool guides users step-by-step through the process of creating a DMP. It also provides instructions for each step and links to resources about data management. Templates are available for most major funding agencies and are updated as funders release new requirements. The DMPTool allows for review and collaboration with colleagues from TTU or any other institution.

To begin using DMPTool, go to http://dmptool.org and login using your eRaider credentials.

Many funding agencies also require your research to be published in an open access repository. The University Library hosts an open access repository, ThinkTech that meets these requirements.

If you have questions about data management, ThinkTech, or the DMPTool, contact Christopher Starcher.

Christopher Starcher is a digital services librarian at Texas Tech University Libraries