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Federal Funds Available for Research with Commercial Application
By Susan Back

Federal funds are available for those looking to commercialize innovation through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) programs. University researchers, in collaboration with small business concerns, have found these to be significant sources of funding and, in some cases, more accessible than NIH R01 grants or angel investing/venture capital.

Federal agencies with extramural R&D budgets that exceed $100 million are required to allocate 3% of their R&D budgets to SBIR awards. This percentage will increase to 3.2% by FY 2017. Agencies with extramural R&D in excess of $1 billion also participate in the STTR program but are required to set aside only 0.3% to STTR. This will increase to .45% by 2016. Each agency administers its own programs, with differing due dates and funding amounts, broken down into Phase I (feasibility) and Phase II (funding).

For further information about each agency’s programs, please Click here >>.

Susan M. Back is director of the SBIR/STTR Resource Center in the Texas Tech Office of Research Commercializaiton