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Humanities Center Subvention Award Call for Applications

The Humanities Center invites applications for a subvention award of up to $1,000 to defray the cost of acquiring rights to copyrighted material or of acquiring images and/or rights to reproduce these in a forthcoming book or article.

The application should include:
  • an abstract of the book or article
  • a table of contents if the publication is a book
  • a copy of your contract with the publisher (and/or a letter from the publisher indicating intent to publish)
  • a list of illustrations with captions (if funds are being requested for images)
  • a list of expenses/budget that details the cost of acquiring the images or rights to copyrighted material
  • the anticipated publication date
Please include in your statement your name, academic rank, department, and full contact information, including cell phone number.

Applications should be sent as attachments WITH ALL MATERIALS IN A SINGLE PDF to humanitiescenter@ttu.edu . Please be sure to use the following subject line: (Your last name) Subvention Award (e.g., Mayakovsky Subvention Award).

The deadline for submitting an application is May 19, 2015. Decisions will be made by June 15th. Please send any questions to Dorothy Chansky at dorothy.chansky@ttu.edu.