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Change to eRA Commons Links for Pending Proposals - How to Interpret the JIT Link

(Reprinted from an e-mail sent June 13 to the research community and written by Joe Schumaker, eRA Communications)

Just in Time is All the Time?

Kind of sounds like my life: mortgage payment… just in time; gas in the car… just in time; check-in at the airport… just in time; paycheck deposited into my account… just in time (whew!).

In the life of eRA Commons, however, Just in Time (JIT) is a little different. JIT is a mechanism to enable specific elements of a grant application to be submitted later in the application process, following review when the application is still under consideration for funding. Previous to April 20, 2012, the JIT link within eRA Commons was only visible if the application received an impact score within a certain range.

Under the new business process, the JIT link is available for all applications within 24 hours after the impact score has been released. Since the JIT link will be available for all applications, applicants should not rely on the appearance of the link as an indicator of the need to submit JIT information; instead they should rely on the JIT notification email sent from NIH eRA Commons to the Project Director(s)/Principal Investigator(s).

For more information regarding this change, please see NOT-OD-12-101.