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ORS Begins Logging Pre-Proposals into Database
By Colette Solpietro

The ORS staff, along with many in the university community, has noticed the trend of agencies using a pre-proposal evaluation process. Full proposals are then invited to be submitted. There are many who voiced concerns that there was not a way to document their newly-required effort since, to date, there had been no effective way to track pre-proposals in our database. Given the trend to pre-proposals, we have reconsidered our strategy. It was discussed with the Research Advisory Council (RAC) and ORS is pleased to offer a solution.

The necessary changes have been made in our database and, effective June 1, 2012, ORS started logging pre-proposals (white papers, concept papers, etc.), for credit, into the database. Pre-proposals are being logged using a cover sheet that can be found at: www.ors.ttu.edu/Downloads/Pre-Proposal%20Cover%20Page.pdf.

The cover sheet does not need to be signed, as there are no certifications being made at the pre-proposal stage. Pre-proposals will receive an ORS Log Number which will be retained if a full proposal is invited. If a declination is received the pre-proposal will be returned to the PI, as is currently the practice with proposals.

The new pre-proposal routing sheet is not mandatory. ORS is offering this solution to researchers who would like to track their effort on pre-proposals. For questions contact Colette Solpietro in the Office of Research Services at colette.solpietro@ttu.edu or (806) 742-3884.

Colette Solpietro is manager of the ORS Pre-Award Services Unit