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Retirement Research Foundation Accepting Applications for Projects in Aging: The Retirement Research Foundation, a private foundation devoted exclusively to aging and retirement issues, is currently accepting proposals for programs designed to improve quality of life for older Americans.
Grants will be awarded to nonprofits conducting direct service, advocacy, and education concerning elders, as well as training programs for professionals working with elders and research into the causes of and solutions for significant problems experienced by older adults.
Projects of national relevance will be considered from organizations throughout the United States. Direct service requests are limited to nonprofits in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Florida.
Applicants are encouraged to discuss projects in advance of submitting a full proposal. To learn more, call (773) 714-8080, email info@rrf.org, or visit the foundation's website.
Contact: Link to Complete RFP
Deadline: Various

TogetherGreen Accepting Applications for Conservation Fellowships and Innovation Grants: TogetherGreen, a conservation alliance between the National Audubon Society and Toyota, is accepting applications for its 2012 class of Conservation Fellows and Innovation grantees. These programs are designed to foster conservation leadership, achieve conservation results, forge partnerships in communities across the United States, and help engage millions of Americans in conservation action.
The Conservation Fellowships program seeks to invest in individuals who are committed to empowering others and to creating positive environmental change in their communities and organizations. Applicants must have at least six years of experience in conservation, environmental education, policy, or environmental issues, as demonstrated through current and past work experience, academic studies related to the environment, and/or volunteer work; and have a current affiliation (full- or part-time employment or equivalent volunteer commitment) with a conservation organization, business, university, community-based organization, or other professional organization whose goals and practices make a positive contribution to environmental conservation. Fellows receive a $10,000 grant to conduct a twelve-month conservation action project in their community, as well as specialized training and support to help shape and implement their projects. (Deadline: March 5, 2012.)
The Innovation Grants program provides funding to enable Audubon groups and others to inspire, equip, and support activities that engage new and diverse audiences in conservation action and create healthier communities. To be eligible, the applicant organization must constitute a branch, office, or other operational unit of the National Audubon Society (including national or state offices and field units such as Audubon centers and sanctuaries), or be an Audubon-certified chapter or Audubon- certified chapter-run center or sanctuary. Independent Audubon entities that wish to participate in a cooperative arrangement with the National Audubon Society for this purpose are also eligible. Other organizations are encouraged to apply if they partner with an Audubon group on their project. Organizations in areas in which there are no Audubon organizations may apply with partners of their own.
Applicants must have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, a commitment from at least one partner organization to serve as a collaborator, and adequate collective experience and organizational capacity to administer, implement, and evaluate the project. A minimum of forty projects will receive funding totaling more than $1 million, with grants ranging from $5,000 to $80,000. The average grant awarded will be around $25,000. (Deadline: April 2, 2012.)
For complete guidelines, selection criteria, eligibility, and the online applications for both programs, visit the TogetherGreen Web site.
Contact: Link to Complete RFP
Primary Subject: Environment
Geographic Funding Area: National
Deadline: March 20, 2012

Applications Invited for Heiser Program for Research in Leprosy: The Heiser Program for Research in Leprosy, a grantmaking initiative administered by the New York Community Trust, awards grants for basic laboratory research directed at a better understanding of leprosy and its bacterial agent. The ultimate aim of the program is to find measures for the prevention and cure of leprosy that can contribute to the global goal of leprosy elimination.
The program will support the training efforts of laboratories involved in leprosy research, or those that provide funds for the initiation of new leprosy research projects in the field. Grants are not awarded for the treatment of patients.
Please note that in 2012 the program is funding leprosy research only and will not support postdoctoral fellowships in tuberculosis research.
The program is particularly interested in: 1) the application of new and available tools for diagnosis and better understanding of transmission and the extent of drug resistance; 2) the mechanisms of nerve damage and reactions and the means to predict and to prevent leprosy; 3) more effective chemoprophylaxis, immunoprophylaxis, and rapid bactericidal drugs; and 4) understanding of the leprosy-causing organism, its origins, its pathogenicity, and immunological spectrum. Other areas of importance are the use of the genome of M. leprae to develop new drug targets and the identification of immunologically important molecules.
Applications for leprosy research grants should come from laboratories that have experience in leprosy research and have demonstrable ongoing, productive interactions with corresponding laboratories in endemic regions and/or leprosy field sites/workers.
Two-year research grants of up to $70,000 ($35,000 per year) will be awarded. In exceptional circumstances, the program will consider Letters of Intent for larger awards for multiyear/multi-component/multi-institute projects involving leprosy research in endemic sites.
Visit the New York Community Trust Web site for complete program information and application materials.
Contact: Link to Complete RFP

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