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OVPR Launches Two New Websites

The Office of the Vice President for Research recently launched two new websites. The first deals with the university's work in the national security arena. The second is a cancer research database.

National Security
The National Security website highlights the various national security-related research, education, and strategy and policy activities across the university. From STEM outreach programs to doctoral degrees, Texas Tech is committed to preparing graduates, developing leaders and expanding knowledge through research and development in support of national security. Although the primary audience for this website is external, it is a wonderful showcase of the excellent work being done by our faculty, staff and students in the area of national security. The website is dynamic and will update and change with the university’s growing national security involvement. You can visit the website at www.research.ttu.edu/nationalsecurity.

Cancer Research Database
The Office of the Vice President for Research has launched a new cancer research database to better serve those interested in collaborative partnerships and interactions with persons involved in cancer research at TTU and TTUHSC. The database is a convenient way to find researchers involved in various fields of cancer research. Search by location, research area, name, or even by the tools researchers use in their labs. This website and database will continue to expand as our involvement with cancer research at TTU grows. Find out more at www.research.ttu.edu/cancer.