ICEM Executive Committee

Dr. John McGlone, Chair/Director - Animal & Food Sciences
Dr. Robert Baker - Biology Department
Dr. Bradley Johnson -Animal & Food Sciences
Dr. Ron Kennedy - Microbiology TTUHSC
Dr. Reid Norman - Pharmacology TTUHSC
Dr. Mindy Brashears, Animal & Food Sciences

Ex Officio: Doug Stocco, Taylor Eighmy, T Brooks

Topical Interest Groups

Infectious Disease & Immunology:

Robert Baker (Biology) – Genetics, Epidemiology, Infectious Disease
Robert Bradley (Biology) – Mammalian systematics, Infectious Disease
Mark Wallace (NRM) – Infectious Disease Wildlife Populations
Ron Chesser (Biology) – Epidemiology, terrorism
Carl Phillips (Biology) – Infectious Disease, terrorism
Mark Lyte (TTUHSC Pharmacy) – Infectious Disease , Hormones, Bacteria
Lou Densmore (Biology) – Infectious Disease
Ron Kennedy (TTUHSC Biochemistry)
Michael Ballou (AFS)
Jorge Salazar-Bravo (Biology)
Cynthia Jumper (TTUHSC)
Michael San Francisco (Biology)
John Zak (Biology)
Mindy Brashears (AFS)- Antibiotic resistance
Robert Shaw (Chemistry) – Enzymes and antibiotic resistance
Joe Fralick (Microbiology & Immunology; TTUHSC)
Chris Rock (Biology)
Bijoy Ghosh
Brian Reilly (Biology)
Afzal Siddiqui (Microbiology & Immunology; TTUHSC)
Siva A. Vanapalli (Chemical Engineering)
Naz Karim (Chemical Engineering)


Reid Norman (TTUTTUHSC Pharm) – Neuroscience, stress on reproduction
Peter Syapin (TTUHSC Pharm) – Neuroscience & Addiction
Alice Young (Psychology) – Behavioral Neuroscience
Brenda Rodgers (Biology) – Genetic Toxicology, Addiction
Michel OBoyle (Human Sciences) – Neuroscience, Brain Imaging


Jacalyn McComb (Exercise & Sports)
Siva A. Vanapalli (Chemical Engineering)
Vittal Rao (Electrical Computer Engineering)
Chris Rock (Biology)


John McGlone (AFS)- Stress
Jacalyn McComb (Excersise & Sports)
Joaquin Lado (TTUHSC)
Goutam Shome (TTUHSC) – Asthma
Bradley Johnson (AFS)

Cardiovascular Health/Obesity:

Conrad Lyford (Ag Eco) – Obesity, Economic Impacts
Bradley Johnson (AFS) – Skeletal Muscle Growth, cardiovascular health
Barry McCool (Nutrition) – Obesity, Crisis Management, Economic impacts
Dimitri Pappas (Chemistry)
Julian Spallholz (Nutrition) – Selenium & Toxicology

Biomedical Technology:

Donald Lie (Electrical Engineering)
Tim Dallas (Electrical Engineering) – Wireless medical sensors
Ravi Vadapalli (IT) – Computing systems, biomedical engineering
Michel OBoyle (Human Sciences) – Neuroscience, Brain Imaging
Harvinder Gill (Chemical Engineering)
Sunanda Mitra

General Interested Faculty:

David Knaff (Chemistry) – Genomics
Doug Stocco (TTUHSC VPR Office)
Gordon Brackee (TTUHSC)
Kevin Pond (Animal and Food Science; AFS)
Dominick Casadonte (Chemistry)
David Rudd (Psychology)
Jim Hutson (TTUHSC)
Tiffanie Brooks (AFS)
Malinda Colwell (Human Development Family Studies)