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International Conference on Computational Experimental Engineering & Sciences (ICCES)

International Conference ICCES'17
June 24 – 30, 2017
Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal

ICCES2017 is to be held in Madeira, Portugal, during June 24 - 30, 2017. This conference will bring international researchers from academia, industry, and government together to discuss recent advances in computational and experimental engineering & sciences, and to facilitate collaborative research efforts.

Previous ICCES conferences were held at:Reno, USA (2015), Changwon, Korea (2014), Seattle, USA (2013), Crete, Greece (2012), Nanjing, China (2011), Las Vegas, USA (2010), Phuket, Thailand (2009), Honolulu, USA (2008); Miami, USA (2007); Chennai, India (2005); Madeira, Portugal(2004); Corfu, Greece(2003); Reno, NV(2002); Puerto Vallarta, Mexico(2001); Los Angeles(2000); Atlanta(1998); Costa Rica (1997); Hawaii(1995); Hong Kong (1992); Melbourne, Australia(1991); Atlanta(1988); Tokyo(1986).

For more details, please visit the ICCES Conference Website

Global Forum on Structural Longevity (FSL)

The infrastructure in various parts of the world, particularly in Asia, is getting older. It is a trillion US dollars problem when the aging infrastructure in Asia fails, not to mention human lives.

Asia's ( and the world's) ancient monuments and heritage structures,  steel structures, highways,  bridges, railroads, gas pipelines, power plants, transportation vehicles ( cars and airplanes), ships, off-shore structures, and satellite systems, all need strategies for health monitoring, failure prevention, and life enhancement. The practices for infrastructure rehabilitation need to be updated and continually improved, for the safe and economic operation of the infrastructure.

To collectively discuss these issues, a Global Forum on Structural Longevity: Health Monitoring, Failure Prevention, & Infrastructure Rehabilitation has been initiated.

This Global Forum will discuss, among other things:

  1. nonlinear mechanics of structural integrity, durability  & topology optimization, in association with limit states and risk-based approaches
  2. health monitoring (diagnosis and prognosis) in structures of various materials and various sizes
  3. Sensors and actuators
  4. Eddy-current, ultrasonic, electrochemical, and other methods for fault detection
  5. Structural control for damage resistance, including earth-quake resistance
  6. Self-healing structures
  7. Smart structures and smart materials
  8. Policies and technologies for low-cost infrastructure rehabilitation, etc.

This Forum will involve not just the academic communities, but more importantly the policy makers, government engineers, engineering companies, construction companies, various governmental entities tasked with infrastructure maintenance, life enhancement, etc.

 The first meeting of the "Global Forum on Structural Longevity" was held in Suzhou, China in October 2010 ( Suzhou is a clean and spectacularly beautiful garden city, with very modern hotel rooms being available at modest prices). Suzhou is reachable by Taxi from the Shanghai international airport.

We look forward to your future participation in future FSL activities.

Satya N Atluri
Founder & Chairman
Global Forum on Structural Longevity

Institute for Materials, Manufacturing, and Sustainment