Texas Tech University

IMMS Research Model

  1. Enable shared research activities to vast cross-cutting internal/external research resources and stakeholders
    1. A new paradigm in research ensuring well-coordinated Science & Technical (S&T) transition- and sustainability paths
    2. Consistent with the White House "Materials Genome Initiative" goals
  2. Foster "High Risk/Pay-off" and "BIG IDEA" research with dual-use (civil & military) impacts
    1. Research with determined S&T goals & deliverables for benefits of mankind
    2. Consistent with U.S. Department of Defense S&T plan for "Battle After the Next"
  3. Provide extremely-attractive research initiatives to produce well-planned research & thesis with high value for potential integration & commercialization
    1. World-class scientists & engineers well-positioned to achieve "breakthrough" scientific results
    2. Inspiration & path for students' entrepreneurial minds and ambition to support Nation's economic growth

Institute for Materials, Manufacturing, and Sustainment