Texas Tech University

Xuechuan Wang

xuechuan-wangPost-Doctoral Researcher - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Email: xcwang91@gmail.com
Office: ME225

Research Interests 

  • Computational mechanics; Trefftz method; Voronoi cell finite element method
  • Micromechanics; Composite materials; Homogenization; Multiscale modeling; Viscoelasticity; Optimization; Sensor&"IoT" technology
  • Finite element method; Variational principle; Particle-interaction composite beams

Personal Information


  • Ph.D., Sharif University of Technology (2Ph.D., University of Virginia, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (August, 2012-May, 2016)
  • M.S., Zhejiang University, College of Civil Engineering and Architecture (September, 2009-June, 2012) 
  • Bachelor, Taiyuan University of Technology, College of Architecture and Civil Engineering (September, 2005-July, 2009)

Institute for Materials, Manufacturing, and Sustainment