Texas Tech University

Investigator Financial Disclosure Committee (IFDC)


This committee will recommend to the Vice President for Research (VPR) or his/her compliance officers policies and procedures which promote objectivity in research and are in accordance with federal, state and Texas Tech University regulations, and recognized best practices. The committee will:


Operating Procedures:

Committee Leadership:

Chairperson: is appointed by the VPR.

Responsibilities of the Chairperson: presides over all meetings and appoints subcommittees as necessary or required.

Associate Chairperson: is elected by committee members.

Responsibilities of the Associate Chairperson: presides over all meetings in the absence of the Chairperson and performs required Committee Chairperson duties in his/her absence.

Executive Secretary: The Executive Secretary of the committee is the OVPR (Integrity) Compliance Administrator.

Responsibilities of the Executive Secretary: prepares the agenda for each committee meeting in consultation with the chair and is responsible for preparing the official minutes of each meeting.


The IFD Committee will consist of at least seven voting members:

The composition of the committee will include:

Investigator Financial Disclosure Committee
Viator, Ralph (Committee Chair) Rawls College of Business 2015
Darwish, Mukaddes College of Engineering 2015
Knight, Tom College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources 2015
Lesley, Mellinee College of Education 2017
Outenreath, Alyson School of Law 2015
Pati, Debajyoti College of Human Sciences 2017
Zak, John College of Arts and Sciences, Biology 2017
Ex-Officio Voting Members
Baugh, Amy Office of the Vice President for Research Administrator for Financial Disclosure
Young, Alice Office of the Vice President for Research Research Integrity