Texas Tech University

iThenticate Service


To support responsible research practices at TTU, the OVPR encourages use of iThenticate software to screen grant proposals and scholarly papers for plagiarism or misuse of text.

iThenticate is text recognition software that checks a manuscript or proposal against the published literature to identify both legitimate duplication (e.g., literature citations) and inappropriate use of text (e.g., plagiarism and redundant publication).

iThenticate was developed by the company that created two well-known systems, TurnitIn (used to verify originality of student work on many campuses) and CrossCheck (used by over 50 journal publishers to check for plagiarism in submitted manuscripts). Further, iThenticate is used by federal agencies such as NSF to check for plagiarism in submitted proposals, and outcomes of subsequent investigations are reported to Congress.


How to Use

The following websites offer more background information about how federal agencies, publishers, and institutions are using iThenticate and related software: