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Safety@TTU: Lessons Learned

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Failure to Segregate Waste Streams Mixes Nitric Acid and Organic Solvent Causes Waste Bottle to Explode From Pressure Buildup;
Written Procedures Did Not Reflect Current Procedures -
February 2015


Failure To Poperly Label Laboratory Produced Nanomaterials Results In Spontaneous Combustion Fire - July 2014

Not Wearing Safety Glass Could Have Cost Student Her/His Sight – June 2012 Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Failure in Teaching Laboratory – January 2012 – likely due to lack of maintenance
Failure to label a waste stream mixes sulfur and an oxidizer, sets fire to waste bucket; fire threatens other chemicals during cleanup – March 2012 Glass Reactor Over-pressurization Causes Serious Injury to Grad Student Researcher – October 2011
Improper handling of nitric acid waste damages a cabinet and scatters glass shards throughout laboratory – October 2011 Ethanol Fire Burns Researcher – July 2011 – likely because ethanol was used too close to a Bunsen burner
Skin contacts with spilled chemicals lead to wide changes in teaching laboratories – November 2010  

January 2010 TTU Chemistry Lab Explosion – US Chemical Safety Board Investigation

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