Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need IRB approval for my research study?

    Find this information here: Does this Project Need IRB Review?

  • What paperwork do I need to submit in an IRB proposal packet?

    Find this information here: Steps to Proposal Submission

  • When do I submit my proposal packet?

    Human subjects research proposals can be submitted anytime, even in the summer.

  • What is the proposal review time?

    The HRPP staff needs 3-5 working days to input your proposal information into a database, prescreen your proposal and then scan your proposal to a pdf format. The IRB reviewer has a 10-working day review time frame for Expedited and Exempt proposal reviews. Full Board proposals have a different time line. Refer to Calendar and Review Time Frame.

  • How do I find out the status of the proposal review?

    Send an email to to inquire on the review status of your proposal after the 10-day review time frame. Continually check your email inbox for any comments from the IRB reviewer.

  • How do I know what review category my research study follows?

    Studies are categorized as either Exempt, Expedited or Full Board. Review the options on both the Expedited Review Form and the Claim for Exemption to see if any of the choices match your research design and method of data collection. Most studies that involve children and prisoners for example, will need Expedited review.

  • How do I submit changes to my approved protocol?

    Changes to an approved protocol are considered amendments and must undergo review by the IRB. Send an email memo to summarizing the changes requested to the approved protocol. Attach any revised documents such as revised surveys or recruitment of additional or different subject populations. Amendments to approved protocols must be minor with limited changes. If numerous changes are requested or the changes requested are complicated, the IRB may request the researcher submit a new proposal for review.

  • What do I need for a complete IRB packet?

    Find this information here: Steps to Proposal Submission
    Refer to the chart for the forms and information needed for a complete proposal packet.

  • Where are the forms I need for an Exempt, Expedited or Full Board proposal?

    Find proposal packet forms here: Steps to Proposal Submission
    Click the form name required to access the printable form.
    You also can access forms on the Forms & Examples page.

  • My project involves children (minors under age 18). What do I need to know?

    Children are a protected population in human subjects research. The federal regulations (45 CFR 46.401...Subpart D) provide guidance. Most human subjects research proposals involving children will be submitted for expedited review. An assent form will be required along with the parent consent form. Research involving schools may require school administrative approval. Also check FERPA rules. Remember that human subjects research proposals that involve children require two reviews. This will require a longer review time frame.

  • If I am going to do human subjects research outside the continental United States, where can I go to see the requirements for conducting research in a particular country?