Texas Tech University

Let’s Get Started

Below are some instructions, resources, and suggestions to submitting an IRB proposal.

  • All research proposals are now being submitted through the Cayuse IRB online application.
  • All research involving human subjects at Texas Tech must be reviewed by the IRB.
  • If you are unsure whether or not IRB approval for your research is needed, use the interactive module Does the project need IRB review?
  • A quick read of the Belmont Report and a scan of the federal regulations will provide a foundation for your overall research endeavors.
  • For a Cayuse IRB submission, you will need to assemble any internal/external approval letters/documentation (if applicable) related to your study so you can cut and or attach the document.
  • Templates for recruiting documentation and consent/assent forms are available on the HRPP website. Readapt them to the needs of the study. They will save you time and effort.
  • The TTU IRB recommends researchers conducting human subjects studies complete some form of training.
  • If you cannot find the answer to your questions on this website, please feel free to contact the HRPP staff at (806) 742-2064.
  • If you are conducting research outside of the continental United States, check the Office of Human Protections (OHRP) International Compilation of Human Research Standards website to see if there are any restrictions.