Texas Tech University

IRB Policies and Procedures

Section 2: The IRB and Training

2.0 Committee Members

IRB Committee Members

IRB Committee Roster Under Revision

Texas Tech University
September 2015

Name Term College/Dept. MS Phone
Kelly Cukrowicz, Ph.D.
2017 Psychology 2051 834-8485
Lillie Aguilar 2017 Community N/A N/A
Jan Blackwell 2017 Community N/A N/A
Scott Burris, Ph.D. 2018 Ag Education & Communication 2131 834-8689
John Fowler, Ph.D.
2018 Physiology 6525 743-2083
Stephanie J. Jones, Ed.D.
2017 Education


Andy King, Ph.D.
2017 Media & Communication 3082 834-3535
Lorenz Lutherer, Ph.D., M.D.
2016 Physiology 6651 743-2532
Susan Mengel, Ph.D.
2018 Computer Science 3104 834-6866
Comfort Pratt, Ph.D.
2018 Education 1071 834-5710
Melanie Sarge, Ph.D.
2017 Media & Communication  3082 834-2831
Andreas Schneider, Ph.D.
2018 Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work 1012 834-7502
James L. Smith, Ph.D.
2018 Industrial Engineering 3061 834-0129
Andy Young, Ed.D.
2018 Behavioral Sciences, Lubbock Christian University N/A 720-7830

Kelly Cukrowicz: Licensed Psychologist, State of Texas.
Lorenz Lutherer: Licensed Physician, Texas Medical Board #E8682
James Smith: Registered Professional Engineer-Texas; Certified Professional Ergonomist #577

Texas Tech University
September 2015

Name Term College/Dept. MS Phone
Lainey Morrison 2016 Community Member N/A Lubbock City Hall
Zhen Cong, Ph.D. 2016 Human Development & Family Studies/Gerontology 1230 834-2312
Angela Eaton, Ph.D.
2016 English 3091 742-2501
Jim Johnson, PharmD, MPA, FACHE
2016 Community Member - Prisons 1230 University Medical Center
Sylvia Mendez-Morse, Ph.D.
2018 Education 3091 834-3137
Alan Reifman, Ph.D.
2018 Human Development/Family Studies 1071 834-5174


Name College/Dept. MS Phone
Alice Young, Ph.D. Assoc. Vice President for Research Integrity / Office of the Vice President for Research 1075 742-3905
Katherine Austin Beltz, Ph.D. Asst. Vice President / Information Technology 2008 742-5156
Amy Cook Associate Managing Director / Research Services 1035 742-3884
Matt Roe Asst. Vice President / Environmental Health and Safety 1090 834-6010
Bobbie Brown Registrar 5015 N/A

2.1 Education/Training

The IRB helps educate the Texas Tech community generally about issues of human subjects research ethics. Principal Investigators on NIH and NSF projects are required to document the completion of training on human subjects protection for themselves and for key personnel at the time a proposal is submitted. Other investigators are encouraged to complete the same training. In any case, all investigators and members of their research teams are required to be familiar with The Belmont Report and the federal regulations at 45 CFR 46.

Here are links to two on-line training programs:

  1. NIH Training: Website training for social and behavioral sciences research with human subjects.
  2. CITI Training: Collaborative Institutional Training Institute