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Steps to Proposal Submission

Follow the steps for a complete human subjects research proposal using the chart below. Click on the form name to access the printable form. Proposal packet pages should be single-sided and single-spaced with page numbers. The proposal narrative and attachments should be in one document file. Attachments such as recruiting letters, surveys, and consent forms should be separate pages with the attachment referenced in the title.

Proposal Packets

Adobe reader is needed to edit the following form fill documents. If you do not have Adobe Reader, download the free software here.

Exempt Proposal Expedited Proposal Full Board Proposal
Cover Sheet Cover Sheet Cover Sheet
Claim for Exemption Expedited Review Form Lay Summary
Proposal in 5-Point Format Proposal in 5-Point Format Proposal in 5-Point Format
Recruitment Materials Recruitment Materials Recruitment Materials
Survey/Measurements Measurements Measurements
Information Sheet Consent / Assent Consent / Assent


Step 1.
Complete the appropriate proposal packet listed above.

Step 2.
Submit the proposal to the IRB in paper format with the original signatures on the Cover Sheet and forms. You can either send your proposal through campus mail to MS 1075, or drop it off at the HRPP office located at 357 Administration Building.

Step 3.
For all reviews, the HRPP staff needs 3-5 working days to input your proposal information into a database and scan it to a .pdf format. An email is sent to researchers notifying them of the IRB protocol number. Exempt and Expedited proposals are then assigned to an IRB reviewer. Review times vary over the course of the year depending on reviewer availability. Full Board Reviews have a different time line.

Step 4.
Continually check email INBOX for any IRB Reviewer comments or an approval notice. Once the IRB approval is granted, data collection may begin. Remember, if your study involves minors, a second review is required and a longer review period is needed.

Step 5.
If the IRB Reviewer needs clarification or revisions, the request is usually handled by email. Revisions can be emailed to the IRB in response. Please note that the faculty PI (and not the graduate student) is responsible for the research. All proposal revisions should be approved by the faculty PI.

Step 6.
An approval letter will be emailed as a pdf document to the researcher(s).

Step 7.
Request for extensions of approved Expedited protocols will be mailed to the researchers 60 days and 30 days prior to their expiration date. Letters are sent once a year to the researchers of Exempt protocols.

Step 8.
Amendments to change the approved protocol can be requested at any time. An email memo along with any revised documentation should be sent to the HRPP staff for processing and review.

Reminder: The University Writing Center can help faculty members produce a quality written proposal for submission.


Office of the Vice President for Research