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Once funding for a project ends, the PI is required to deliver any final technical reports that may be required by the agency. You do not need to supply this report to the ORS.

Fiscal Closeout

Fiscal closeout of an award will be made by the Office of Research Accounting(ORA). A PI will receive a preliminary notification of expenditures from ORA. The PI should review the preliminary document to ensure accurate reporting of project expenses.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is intangible property such as ideas, expressions, formulas, or any other creation of the mind. Intellectual property, like tangible real or personal property, may be bought, sold, or leased.

All patents and some copyrighted material resulting from research conducted by faculty, staff and students, belongs to the university. While the Texas Tech University System has an ownership interest in intellectual property, the individual can profit according to a schedule of royalty payments established by Texas Tech Operating Policy 74.04.

Inventions Reporting

All Federal contracts and all NIH grants require a discoveries and inventions report at the end of the project period, regardless of whether any discovery has been disclosed or an invention filed. The report must be submitted on behalf of Texas Tech University. ORA will assist with completing the report and will submit required forms.


At Texas Tech the Office of Research, Commercialization and Federal Relations (RCFR) works with faculty to identify intellectual property for patenting and or licensing.

It is advised that a researcher meet with RCFR several months prior to public disclosure in a journal article, conference presentation to prevent loss of potential patent rights.

RCFR has developed an Inventor’s Resources website with a step-by-step chart to help faculty understand how to patent and commercialize an invention.

Project Transfer

Project transfer can be an unexpectedly lengthy process and could take months to finalize. The first thing you should do is inform the program director of your intended move to see if the project can be transferred. Not all projects can be moved.

Transferring projects to Texas Tech from another institution requires the following steps:

1. Stop work and discontinue expenditure at your previous institution.

2. Contact the Proposal Team in the Texas Tech Office of Research Services (ORS) as soon as possible so that a transfer request can be processed. The following will be needed:

3. After your previous institution has submitted both a relinquishment letter and a final financial report, the Texas Tech Proposal Team will submit a transfer request to the sponsor. The transfer request will include:

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