Texas Tech University

CAYUSE SP for Proposal Approvers

November 27, 2013

Here is some information you may find useful in the coming days and weeks as ORS rolls out CAYUSE SP.

  • Cayuse 424 is for preparing federal proposals; Cayuse SP  is for routing proposals to all agencies. It replaces 424 routing and paper routing of proposals.
  • Any (federal) proposal that was already in process prior to Monday, Nov 25th, was routed through Cayuse 424 (or paper, if applicable); any proposal started on or after Monday, Nov 25th, was to be routed using Cayuse SP.
  • Everyone with authority to approve grant proposals (typically the chair and at least one associate or assistant chair OR the Dean and/or the Associate Dean for Research) will receive an e-mail indicating that a proposal is ready to be approved.  Only one person needs to approve the proposal.  If, for any reason, a department chair or associate chair is replaced, please notify me so I can make the adjustment in Cayuse.
  • Detailed instructions are attached.  They will also be posted to the ORS website.
  • We are conducting two (face-to-face) training sessions for approvers:  Tuesday, Dec. 3 (10:30am-12:00pm) OR Wednesday, Dec 4 (3:30-5).  Both will be held in the TLPDC, room 151.  Seating is limited to 25 in each session.  If there is interest, we can add a webinar or another training either later in December (before the break) or in January.

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