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CAYUSE UPDATE: Scheduled Cayuse 424 Down Time

July 15, 2013

Cayuse 424 will be unavailable from 8:00AM to Midnight on Saturday, July 20th. At this time, Evisions will be upgrading Cayuse 424 to include customer requested enhancements and form updates. Additionally, they will be performing system upgrades.

The following information is from Evisions Research Support:

Dear Cayuse 424 Customers,

We have two exciting announcements. First, get ready for Cayuse 424 Version 5.4, coming Saturday, July 20, 2013. This release is full of customer requested enhancements and form updates. Please see the highlighted text below for additional information on necessary down time.

Cayuse 424 Version 5.4 delivers:

  • Several new form versions and updates, including compatibility with FORMS-C
    • PHS398 Cumulative Inclusion Report, Research Plan, Cover Page Supplement and Research Training Program Plan
    • Planned Report V1.0
    • NEA Organization
    • NEH Supplementary Cover Sheet
    • FORMS-C
  • Improvements to routing emails, including the addition of the deadline date
  • Summary and Documents pages may now be hidden
  • Electronic Submission page now includes helpful guidance when the opportunity is superseded
  • Additional fixes and agency validation updates

On the same day, we will also be performing vital infrastructure upgrades as follows:

  • Hardware upgrades to database servers to increase capacity, and enable failover changes
  • Replace/upgrade all networking equipment for capacity and stability, and to enable security and failover enhancements
  • Deploy new storage platform for capacity, performance, stability, and failover enhancements
  • Deploy new load-balancing firewall hardware to support future product design, performance, security, and failover enhancements
  • New power distribution for capacity and management
  • Deploy new virtualization environment to support failover and deployment enhancement for current and future products

We know you rely on Cayuse 424 to make the proposal submission process easier, and all of these safety features and performance enhancements boil down to a faster, more reliable platform.

Due to these infrastructure upgrades, ALL instances of Cayuse 424 and Cayuse Research Suite will be unavailable from 8:00 AM to Midnight on Saturday, July 20th. Upgrades to Cayuse 424 v5.4 will be performed at the same time.

Office of Research Services