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Post-Award Services

Post-award services are provided by the Office of Research Services (ORS) and the Office of Sponsored Programs Accounting and Reporting (SPAR). SPAR is not part of the ORS or the Office of the Vice President for Research. SPAR reports to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President for Administration & Finance.

ORS plays a dual role in the post-award phase of sponsored project activity. The office is a central point of contact for agency grant or contract officers regarding administrative matters both during negotiation and throughout the project. ORS also facilitates and advocates for the principal investigators/project directors in all matters pertaining to the non-technical management of their grants and contracts. You can find information below regarding the following areas:


ORS adheres to a service-oriented philosophy. The PI/PD's main concern should be attaining project goals and objectives, not dealing with time-consuming tasks. It is our goal to remove as much of this burden from the PI/PD as possible. In its continuing role of advocacy, ORS will work on behalf of the PI/PD to resolve issues and problems of both an external and an internal nature.

Award Acceptance

Award documents take many forms depending upon the type of agency and project. Most of these documents require review and signature by someone authorized to sign on behalf of the institution. ORS is responsible for award document processing and assigns the highest priority to these actions. Individual faculty members ARE NOT authorized to sign sponsored project agreements on behalf of Texas Tech.

Award File Maintenance

ORS will maintain a record of all the funding documentation and project regulatory requirements. Feel free to contact us with your questions. Details on current grants and contracts are entered into an award database. This information is then distributed to the Board of Regents, Chancellor, President, Vice Presidents, Deans, and Chairpersons of the University on a monthly basis.

Budget Adjustment/Revisions

During the course of a project it often becomes necessary for a PI/PD to shift funds from one budget item to another. To request a budget revision, also known as a “money move,” please submit a money move spreadsheet to the designated post award analyst for your department via email. The spreadsheet can be found in post award forms. Please include justification for money moves in the space provided on the form. The post award analysts will keep track of any money moves that may have a limit or cap. They will also assist in contacting the agency on any moves that require prior approval.

Establishing an Institutional Budget

Upon receipt of fully executed award documents or other proof of award, ORS prepares an institutional budget for the project and any related cost share funds according to the needs of the PI/PD and forwards it to SPAR for assignment of a Fund, Organization, Program Code (FOP) and entry into Banner. Once the PI/PD receives notification of the project FOP, funds may be encumbered or expended against the project.

Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)

Texas Tech University is one of the institutions selected nationwide to participate in the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP). Should your funding fall under the FDP terms and conditions, the remarks section of your Notification and Acceptance (NOA) will state this. Questions or additional details on this program may be addressed to ORS.


While technical negations are always conducted with the PI/PD, business, financial and administrative negotiations are conducted with someone authorized to negotiate on behalf of the university. ORS is the office authorized to negotiate these matters. The PI/PD will be involved and informed in any negotiation, and no decisions will be made without full concurrence of the PI/PD.

For federal and state agency awards contact Amy Cook at amy.cook@ttu.edu.

For private and industry awards contact Jennifer Horn at jennifer.horn@ttu.edu.

No-Cost Extensions

If unforeseen circumstances require the project end date to be extended, ORS will negotiate with the sponsor. The PI/PD should contact ORS well before the project end date if an extension will be needed. The terms of the award agreement may specify a date beyond which an extension cannot be granted. In general, if an extension is anticipated, the PI/PD should notify ORS at least 60 days prior to the scheduled project end date. The PI/PD should prepare a short justification for making the request. If a significant percentage of project funds remain unexpended a revised spending plan also should be submitted. Merely having unexpended funds generally is not sufficient justification to extend a project. Project extensions should not be requested for projects on which renewal is pending.

Subrecipient Agreements (Subcontracts and Professional Services Agreements)

ORS is responsible for preparing and executing all sub recipient agreements on sponsored projects. When a project involves assistance external to Texas Tech, the sponsor must be informed. A sponsor is usually notified at the proposal stage of a project. It is the responsibility of the PI/PD to inform ORS at the earliest stage of negotiation with the sub recipient. No binding agreement can be made with any sub recipient on a sponsored project unless the agreement is signed by someone authorized to sign on behalf of Texas Tech. Sub recipients who complete tasks without having a fully executed agreement may not be paid, or, at best, will have their payment significantly delayed.


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