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Project Transfer

Project transfer can be an unexpectedly lengthy process and could take months to finalize. The first thing you should do is inform the program director of your intended move to see if the project can be transferred. Not all projects can be moved.

Transferring projects to Texas Tech from another institution requires the following steps:

1. Stop work and discontinue expenditure at your previous institution.

  • The accounting department at your previous institution must submit a final financial report to the sponsor.
  • The sponsored programs office at your previous institution must notify the sponsor of intent to relinquish the project.

2. Contact the Proposal Team in the Texas Tech Office of Research Services (ORS) as soon as possible so that a transfer request can be processed. The following will be needed:

  • Texas Tech's internal processing form must be filled out on Cayuse SP
  • A budget of unexpended funds must be created. An estimate is acceptable until the final financial report is submitted by your previous institution.
  • A brief proposal, or status report, describing the project objectives that have been accomplished at the previous institution and the objectives remaining to be accomplished at Texas Tech. This will be submitted by ORS at TTU.
  • Submit any human subjects, animal use or bio-safety protocols, and conflict of interest certifications to respective committees at Texas Tech.
  • Some agencies have specific requirements. Contact the Texas Tech ORS Proposal Team for assistance.

3. After your previous institution has submitted both a relinquishment letter and a final financial report, the Texas Tech Proposal Team will submit a transfer request to the sponsor. The transfer request will include:

  • The completed transfer proposal
  • A budget for funds to be transferred to and expended at Texas Tech
  • Assurances and compliance certifications

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