Research Development Team (RDT)

The Research Development Team (RDT) works to advance the university’s strategic research priorities to “expand and enhance research and creative scholarship by significantly increasing the amount of public and private research dollars in order to advance knowledge, improve the quality of life in our state and nation, and enhance the state’s economy and global competitiveness.”

The primary objective of the RDT is to facilitate and support multi-investigator, multi-disciplinary research proposals through assistance of:

  • Development of new on-campus research working groups
  • Fostering of relationships with federal agencies to better understand research priorities
  • Early forecasting and identification of federal funding opportunities
  • Proposal preparation and review for large, complex projects

RDT Mission

In order to advance the university's pursuit of AAU characteristics, the Research Development Team will progressively, strategically, and comprehensively support the following research focus areas: wind, food safety, nanophotonics, cybersecurity, health, education, sustainable agriculture, water, and materials science. These focus areas are drawn from the following 13 investment areas:

• Renewable Energy • Cancer Research
• Neuroimaging and Neuroscience • Nutrition, Obesity and Diabetes
• Bioinformatics •Climate, Water and Sustainable Agriculture
• Food Safety and Security • Bioengineering and Biotechnology
• Nanoscience • Ecotoxicology
• Addiction and Recovery • National Security
• STEM Education and Assessment

Contact Us:

If you are interested in partnering with our faculty in one of these investment areas, please contact:

Kayla Tindle
Sr. Proposal Development Administrator
(806) 834-5582

Carrie Romo, J.D.
Sr. Proposal Development Administrator
(806) 834-5295