Texas Tech University

TTU Accelerator Cohort, 2017-2018


The Team 
  • Gage Dutkin | CEO
  • Lorenzo Gamboa | CTO
  • Sean Tully | Operations/Supply Chain

A weighted pad that detects when a child is left in a car seat after the parents leave the vicinity.


Reproductive Solutions Inc.

The Team 
  • Alex Branson, Master Student TTUHSC | Sales & Marketing
  • Dr. Lindsey Penrose, Assistant Professor TTUHS | Director-Lab and Quality Control
  • Dr. Samuel Prien, Professor, Director of Clinical and Research Lab, Director of IVF Lab, Director of Resident Research
  • John Smothers, Entrepreneur | CEO/COO
  • Cara Wessels, PhD Student TTUHSC | Regional Sales Director

Technology to increase success rates for fertility clinics.


The Team 
  • Raphael Akinsipe | CEO
  • Waibi Bakama | VP and Operations
  • Paul Doran | VP and UX/U & Web Development
  • Adam Henderson | CTO
  • Victoria Henderson | CMO

ResuMakers.com is an online resume solution that uses data and algorithms to create one-of-a-kind smart resumes unique to your goals, career, and industry.


Flow Raider

The Team 
  • Burak Aksak, Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering| CEO & CTO
  • Luciano Castillo, Don Kay and Clay Cash Foundation Engineering Chair in Wind Energy and Professor | CSO

Bio-inspired micro-scale structures as surface coating for wind turbine blades and transport vehicles for improved aerodynamic performance.



 TitleFlow, LLC

The Team 
  • David Bateman
  • Wendell Langdon
  • Aaron Phillips
  • Ryan Reber | CEO

A cloud based software tool for land professionals working in the oil and gas industry to process title ownership faster and more accurately, allowing oil and gas companies to make faster decisions on whether to acquire mineral rights for drilling.




The Team 
  • Kinyata Cooper, TTUHSC PhD Student | CEO
  • Richard Ellis | Entrepreneur
  • Dr. Kerry Gilbert, Professor of Physical Therapy TTUHSC | Co-Founder
  • Dr. Suhas Pol, Research Professor Mechanical Engineering | Co-Founder
  • Dr. Phil Sizer, University Distinguished Professor TTUHSC and the Associate Dean For Research| Co-Founder

An image-based technique that quantifies tissue kinematics response to a procedure in real time, providing guidance to clinicians about the potential of therapies / interventions implemented on individual patients.

 TTU Accelerator 2017-2018 Photos