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GLEAMM Spark Fund & Innovation Poster Showcase


The GLEAMM Innovation Poster Showcase is a competition that allows students and faculty to design posters that display innovative technology conceptual designs, research and development of modelling/simulation, gaming, big data analytics, operational guidance, standards, methods, and evaluation surrounding the following areas:

    • Cyber-physical security
    • Systems Analysis
    • Next generation renewable energy
    • Energy conservation system
    • Energy Economics

Posters should address advanced energy control systems for smart cities, design projects that integrate specific and sensitive detection algorithms, novel encryption technology that adapts to smart controllers, Nano materials and sensors, as well as effective cyber metrics for technologies to be proposed.

Poster Requirements
    • Poster must follow the template provided here
    • Posters should include abstract (one paragraph from patent disclosure will suffice), introduction/background, results, conclusions, and commercialization potential
    • Presentation should be 34" high and 46" wide allowing for 2- inch margins.
    • Posters must include the TTU logo and the GLEAMM logo.
    • Contestants may bring small prototypes or models to accompany their posters if first approved by Cameron Smith in the Office of Research Commercialization(ORC).
    • Posters must be disclosed to Cameron Smith (ORC) by April 1st, 2017. To disclose your poster just send an e-mail to Cameron Smith at cameron.smith@ttu.edu with your poster template attached. Contestants do not have to print their own poster. Once the poster is disclosed the poster will be printed for each contestant.
    • Contestants will need to be available on April 27th from 4pm-5:45pm & April 28th from 10am-12pm to display their posters during the Spark Conference.

Awards will be presented from 1pm-2pm on April 28th at the Innovation Hub at 3911 4th St. Lubbock, TX 79424.

Prizes and Recognition
    • 1st Place $2000
    • 2nd Place $1000
    • 3rd & 4th Place $500 each

Want more money?

Now that you have submitted a poster, you are eligible to apply for Spark funding, where you could be awarded up to a minimum of $50,000.

The GLEAMM Spark Fund is a $1M proof of concept grant program designed to accelerate the commercialization of energy technologies through gap funding by launching startups based on GLEAMM-affiliated university intellectual property and attracting private sector sponsored research.

Fund Goals:

• Translational research funding to facilitate future license opportunities
• Market validation of technology via an accelerator or lean start-up program
• Researcher/student education and mentoring on new venture creation
• Increase public-private partnerships through sponsored research

 Eligibility & Awards

University researchers may request a minimum of $50,000 per proposal* to accelerate the commercial development of technology within any of the following GLEAMM focus areas:

    • Cyber-physical security
    • Weather & energy forecasting
    • Wind
    • Microgrid
    • Solar
    • Phasor measurement units
    • Battery Storage
    • Distributed Energy Generation
    • Water

* Multiple proposals may be submitted by the same applicant for different technologies. Award timeline is one year.


Before submitting your Spark Fund application please review the Application Guidelines.

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Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on April 28th at 1pm at the Innovation Hub.