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Spark Conference Winners

We are pleased to announce the 2017 iLaunch, GLEAMM Innovation Showcase, and GLEAMM Spark Fund winners! Over 300 people attended the two-day Sparking the Future of Innovation Conference at the Innovation Hub at Research Park.
We would like to thank our sponsors: Chalker Flores, Dickinson Wright, LEDA, TTU Rawls College of Business, TTU Office of the Provost, President, VP of Research, and VP of Strategic Research Partnerships, TREIA, GLEAMM, and the National Academy of Inventors.


iLaunch Winners



First Place: $10,000   


A weight detection pad that alerts parents/guardians if they leave the vicinity of their child while still in the car seat.

Team Members (from left to right): Lorenzo Gamboa, Sean Tully, John Shearer, and Gage Dutkin


Second Place: $3,000

Reproductive Solutions

Offers a unique semen collection device that results in significantly higher viability.

Team Members (from left to right): Dr. Samuel Prien, Alex Branson, John Smothers, Cara Wessels, Dr. Lindsay Penrose


Third Place: $1,000


An app that allows restaurants to sell excess food at a discount to nearby customers.

Team Members (from left to right): Jared Steele and Raymundo Roig


GLEAMM Spark Fund Winners




Ultrafast supercapacitors that can response at kilohertz frequencies (AC-supercapacitors), in replacing the bulky and low efficient electrolytic capacitors for ripple current filtering.

Team Member (from left to right): Dr. Zhaoyang Fan, Nazifah Islam, Md Nadim Ferdous Hoque

Microgrid Opal-RT Model Development


Microgrid Opal-RT Model Development

The Texas Tech University research team will develop a model of a microgrid with DERs and develop an advanced control algorithm for efficient integration with the grid using the Opal-RT simulator.

Team Member (from left to right): Dr. Argenis Bilbao, Dr. Stephen Bayne, Dr. Michael Giesselmann (not pictured) 

Bladeless Turbine


Bladeless Turbine

Firming commercialization potential of a patent protected bladeless turbine concept

Team Member (from left to right): Dr. Suhas Pol, Dr. Carsten Westergaard (not pictured)


Surface Coating


Surface Coating

Use bio-inspired micro-scale structures as surface coating for wind turbine blades (and transport vehicles) for improved aerodynamic performance.

Team Members (from left to right): Hubmerto Bocanegra Evans, Burak Aksak, Luciano Castillo (not pictured)


GLEAMM Innovation Showcase Winners

Surface Coating

First Place: $2,000

Surface Coating

Team Members (from left to right): Hubmerto Bocanegra Evans, Burak Aksak, Luciano Castillo (not pictured)

Accelerated Wake Kinematics Simulator 2.0

Second Place: $ 1,000

Hyper Accelerated Wake Kinematics Simulator 2.0.

Team Member: Sarah Clemens

Statistically Significant Full-Scale Wake Characterization

Third Place: $500

Statistically Significant Full-Scale Wake Characterization.

Team Members (from left to right): Theresa Aguilar, Tassia Penha Pereira


Autonomous Control of Microgrids

Autonomous Control of Microgrids.

Team Members (from left to right): Beibei Ren, Yegin Wang, Sanka Liyanage (not pictured)








Thank you to our Judges


Junior Desinor
Jim Gilbreath
Kimberly Gramm
Shara Konechney
Mike McDougal
Ron Mitchell
Al Sacco Jr.
David Sharbutt
Telea Stafford
Connie Whaton

GLEAMM Spark Fund

Igor Alvarado
Francis Atore
Tom Campbell
Elizabeth Flemming
Ross Guttromson
Peter Muhoro
Zack Taylor

GLEAMM Innovation Showcase

Franscis Atore
Tom Campbell
Dr. Robert Duncan
Elizabeth Flemming
Dr. Annette Sobel
Wesley Rhodes