Texas Tech University

New Department Combines Financial Services & Office of Research Accounting

The departments of Financial Services and Tax (FST) and Office of Research Accounting (ORA) are now operating as an integrated unit. The new department, Accounting Services, is under the leadership of Simone Hasie who served as the managing director for ORA for the past 5 years. Consistent with the vision for the Division of Administration and Finance, the goal of this integration is to further improve services provided to the academic community and to increase efficiencies in the university's accounting, reporting, and other fiscal processes. Accounting Services includes research accounting and compliance, all other fund accounting, financial system support, and financial reporting. Tax Accounting is now a separate function under the leadership of Sharon Williamson, Assistant Vice President and Controller.

The director team consists of the following:

  • Sherrelle Vaughn, Research Accounting (21-23 and associated cost share)
  • Vicki Hicks, State (11-14), Plant (19, 29, 39) & Property (across all funding sources)
  • Megan Buie, Operations (all other funding)
  • Elisabeth Grisham, Financial Reporting

Your grant specialist and chief accountant contacts have not changed as a result of this transition.

If you have any suggestions for Simone during this transition, please don't hesitate to email her at simone.hasie@ttu.edu.