Texas Tech University

New Faculty Resource Launched for Export Control

The Office of the VP for Research has launched a new resource to help faculty navigate the complex system of export compliance regulations. The "Export Control" resource is located under the "Responsible Research" tab on the OVPR website.

Responsible Research > Export Control

Researchers will find the following information:

  • When to ask for assistance with research activities that take you, your research results, or university equipment to other countries
  • Lists of Export Controlled Items
  • Descriptions of export-related terms and links to federal agency information
  • A matrix of recommended training modules for all staff featuring CITI mini-courses and instructions on how to access the courses
  • General Resources
    • Export control myths such as "Everything I do is fundamental research and therefore not subject to export controls."
    • Recommended steps for researchers, and
    • Best practices for academics traveling abroad, including how to protect your research and data while in foreign countries.

Please direct any questions to Jennifer Horn.