Texas Tech University

Animal Care Services' New Equipment Available to Researchers

Texas Tech's Animal Care Services is making available a new in vivo imaging system to researchers using small animals.

The IVIS Spectrum CT in vivo imaging system enables simultaneous molecular and anatomical longitudinal studies, providing researchers with essential insights into complex biological systems in small animal models. There is a fee for use of the IVIS.

Key features includes:

  • Integrated optical and microCT technology
  • 3D optical tomography for fluorescence and bioluminescence

Users must have radiation safety training and be added to the sublicense before use.

The IVIS is housed in the animal facility in ESB. Contact Animal Care Services at 742-3853, or Tiffanie Brooks, university attending veterinarian and director of animal care services, at 834-8588, for more information or to schedule time on the IVIS.