Texas Tech University

Meet Our Editors

The Research Development Team (RDT) has editors available to review your grant proposals. They will help assess the readability, clarity and organization of your proposal, provide general grammatical editing and ensure the proposal narrative addresses sponsor requirements. This service is provided by the Office of the Vice President for Research and is free of charge. The four editors are:

Sue Barrick has been editing research proposals since 2008. Her academic background includes degrees in Geology from the University of Iowa, and in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas Tech University. She is highly experienced in editing proposals in the physical and natural sciences, and a wide variety of engineering topics. Persuasive arguments for funding in clearly expressed English are her goals in working with PI's.

Mary Barile received her PhD from the University of Missouri in theatre and works with researchers on everything from grant narratives and journal articles to white papers, books, and chapters. She specializes in editing text for engineering, life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. Mary has contributed to books and articles on grant writing, and as a college instructor is unfazed working under short deadlines or on last-minute projects.

Anetta Blawzdziewicz received her master's degree in Linguistics from the University of Warsaw. Subsequently, she taught Business English and worked as a translator and interpreter in Poland. After coming to the U.S. she translated and edited texts at Yale University. She has been at Texas Tech for the last six years. As a grant proposal editor, she specializes in technical proposals in the field of engineering, bioengineering, and physical and medical sciences; she especially welcomes proposals written in LaTeX.

Susan Meadows has been a medical librarian for the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Missouri for 22 years. Her role in the department is to provide information and database search support, and oversee bibliographic management services for the research faculty.  Over the years, she has been included as a member of grant teams and has also co-authored a number of scholarly medical publications.  She teaches a variety of seminars and CE courses for research faculty, physicians and other librarians that cover the process of doing literature reviews, writing strategies, critical review of the literature and methods for documenting the literature.

If you need the services of an editor, please email: granteditor.vpr@ttu.edu.