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The Reformation

Dr. John Howe

Professor, Department of History, Texas Tech University.

Dr. John Howe, Professor of History, Texas Tech University, is Texas Tech's medieval historian. Recent publications include “Did St. Peter Damian Die in 1073? A New Perspective on His Final Days,” Analecta Bollandiana, 128 (June, 2010); “Re-Forging the ‘Age of Iron.' Part I: The Tenth Century as the End of the Ancient World?” and “Re-Forging the ‘Age of Iron.' Part II: The Tenth Century in a New Age?” in History Compass (June 2010). He is currently working on a large book, the culmination of many earlier research projects, on The Revival of the Latin Church: The ‘Pre-Gregorian Reform.” He has been leading the department's Medieval Latin Reading Group, and co-chairs an initiative to establish a medieval studies graduate certificate program at Texas Tech. He received the Faculty Distinguished Leadership Award from the Texas Tech Parents' Association (2009)..

Dr. Howe's lecture was held in the International Cultural Center at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, June 13, 2013. This event was cosponsored by the TTU K-12 Global Education Outreach and supported by a grant from the Center for Global Understanding.

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