Texas Tech University

Due Process and Individual Freedom in Academia, the Media and Government

Stuart Taylor

Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute, Washington, D.C.

Mr. Taylor discusses the Assaults on individual freedom by campus activists, and the university administrators who frequently do their bidding, have been escalating. Incidents of racism and sexism, hyped into "epidemics have often turned out to be fabricated or isolated events involving a few lunatics. Universities have also been stigmatizing and punishing as "harassment" and microaggressions" the expression of perfectly reasonable opinions, complying with lawless pressure from Washington to expel students accused of sexual assault without any semblance of due process. Dishonest journalism and bureaucratic tyranny abet this growing campus contempt for liberty. Each is representative of broader attacks  on freedom and due process--and abuses of executive power-- by Republicans in some cases as well as Democrats.

The Institute for the Study of Western Civilization