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25th Annual All-University Conference for the Advancement of Women in Higher Education
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Conference Award for Best Poster

Catherine Joseph - The Rani of Jhansi

The Rani of Jhansi should be exhibited in the Global Institute on Women in War’s Hall of Recognition, particularly in the Asian wing. She deserves this honor not only because she was a central figure in India’s struggle for independence, but also because she was able to spark hope and determination in her people. The Rani was able to transcend traditional gender roles and actively fought on the frontlines against the British; however, while doing this she was able to maintain her sense of femininity and motherhood. Overall, the Rani of Jhansi inspired her people to fight for freedom and, today, her image remains a sign of strength and optimism.


Note: The above proposal stemed from student work conducted in History/Women’s Studies 4355 (Women & War) lead by Dr. Lynne Fallwell.The class was asked to imagine that the construction of a new museum chronically the history and diversity of women’s engagement in times of armed conflict had just been announced. Furthermore, each student was to see themselves representing an interest group responsible for creating a pitch for the inclusion of a certain woman/group of women in this new museum. These eight posters offer a selection of those pitches centered around the wing of the museum dedicated to Warrior Queens. In addition to suitable visuals, each poster contains a description of the woman/women in question, a brief summary of accomplishments, and a clarification of where in the wing the exhibition is to be houses (which thematic, geographic, or chronological section is most appropriate). The proposed nominees included:

• Queen Jinga, Angolan Warrior Queen
• Queen Louise of Prussia
• Boadicea, Guardian of Iceni
• Lakshmi Bai, the Rani of Jhansi
• Indira Gandhi


This poster shows transference through redefining voices of gender (motherhood) in the changing world of India during the struggle for independence. - juror Carol Flueckiger MFA, Associate Professor, School of Art

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