Texas Tech University

Manager Duties of Women's & Gender Studies

Patricia Earl

W&GS Program Manager/Undergraduate Advisor

Part-time Instructor School of Art/Women's & Gender Studies

Direct Phone:
(806) 742.4335



Tricia Earl is the Program Manager and Academic Advisor (Undergraduate) for the Women's & Gender Studies and responsible for maintaining, organizing and planning departmental projects and programming.

Duties Include:

  • Performs supervisory and coordinative work in the operation of a specific program or departmental project.
  • Act as support administrator for the program and responsible for assisting in the direction of the total on-campus operation of the program, which consists of fiscal and managerial operations, personnel supervision, program and services essentials, recruitment and retention, measure strategic planning and lead undergraduate and graduate student advising.
  • Provide a welcoming and supportive environment for all students, faculty, staff and community members seeking university services.
  • Work with the campus community to support the recruitment and retention of women students, faculty and staff.
  • Serve as a consultant to campus and community groups concerning the interests of women and gender identity.
  • Cooperate and participate in the creation of programs that enhance an inclusive campus community.
  • Engage in co-curricular outreach activities that involve faculty, staff, students and community.
  • Develop and promote program initiatives that enhance the undergraduate and graduate experiences.
  • Serve as a partner and collaborator with other campus departments, units and student organizations by taking the initiative to engage in event planning.
  • Cooperate and participate in other university efforts concerning marginalized and underrepresented persons by serving on awarenesss planning committees.
  • Develop, write, edit, design and produce communication materials for the Program (press releases, newsletters, web pages, brochures, fact sheets, presentations, etc.).
  • Coordinate and direct the annual Women's Studies Conference, Gender & Gender Identity Colloquium, Women's History Month, and Feminist Forums, organizing speakers, presenters, program schedule, committees and logistics.
  • Create and maintain Web site content and PR design - insuring accuracy, consistency, and quality.
  • Advise undergraduate students completing course credit toward the Women's Studies Minor.
  • Facilitate the process through which students examine themselves, explore their opportunities, determine their best-fit educational paths, and develop action plans for achieving their university degrees.
  • Advocate for students in the university system, serve as resource broker for the university community, and help students thrive in a large university setting.
  • Monitor student progress and actively support Program teaching mission ensuring that the expansion of gender-aware educational opportunities and the active support of feminist and related fields of research are essential parts of the University academic agenda.
  • Schedule course offerings each semester, building both courses offered by the Women's & Gender Studies (undergraduate and gradute) and cross-listed course offerings in collaboration with home departments across multiple colleges and departments.
  • Support instructors and faculty with classroom needs, access to enrollment list, override approvals, and access to the Women's & Gender Studies Lending Library media collection.


Campus Address

Texas Tech University
Women's & Gender Studies
Doak Hall 123
MS 2009 (15th & University)
Lubbock, TX. 79409-2009

Mailing Address

15th & Boston | 2702 15th Street
Box 4-2009
Lubbock, TX 79409-2009

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