Texas Tech University

Sexual Assault Awareness Month Events


  • 2008 - Drinking, Doping and 'Date Rape' in Lubbock: What You Need to Know About Sexual Assault

    "The only thing I remember was him saying, 'can I buy you a drink?'"

    The Women's & Gender Studies sponsored a panel discussion on rape/assault prevention for women, and reflected onconcerns about the number of assaults recently at bars in Lubbock. Representatives from Lubbock Rape Crisis Center, the TTU Police, the TTU Counseling Center, Planned Parenthood and Tech's Division of Student Affairs facilitated the panel discussion …. Read the Daily Toreador article...

Support for these events provided by:

TTU Student Counciling Center
The Sexual Assault Peer Educators Program
TTU Women's & Gender Studies
Women's Protective Services
Lubbock Rape Crisis Center of Lubbock
V-Day Lubbock Coalition