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Feed Your Body & Soul Week 2012
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Feed Your Body and Soul Week will include activities to promote a healthy body image, such as Zumba and Belly-Dancing classes; a movie presentation, THIN; a Feed Your Body and Soul Fair; and the Donate Your Skinny Clothes project.

The annual event is being held in conjunction with National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAwareness Week). The national theme for 2012 is “Everybody Knows Somebody,” because awareness of eating disorders is certainly spreading. NEDAwareness Week activities are designed to combat the pressures, attitudes and behaviors that can contribute to eating disorders.

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) reports that as many as 10 million females and 1 million males in the United States struggle with an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Approximately 15 million more are struggling with binge eating disorder. A study conducted with 3500 undergraduate students at Texas Tech by graduate student, Kristin Goodheart (supervised by Jim Clopton, Ph.D. of the Psychology Department), found that approximately 1 in every 7 women and 1 in every 20 men at Texas Tech experience clinically significant symptoms of eating disorders.

Take the Skinny Clothes Challenge!

Monday, February 27 through Friday, March 2

Does holding on to clothes that don’t fit really motivate people to lose weight, or could it be holding them back? Here’s a list of honest reasons why keeping too-tight clothes might actually hurt your self-esteem, weight loss efforts and more:

1. They become a constant reminder that you are not your "ideal" size.
2. Keeping clothes from yesterday is a symptom of living in the past. 3. When your skinny jeans don't fit, you can feel like a failure, even when you're making real progress.
4. Striving to fit into your skinny jeans may lead you to unsafe dieting practices.
5. Longing for your former figure can prevent you from finding happiness today.

So clean out your closets and help those in need. All clothing donations will be given to Women's Protective Services.

Donations will be collected on-campus starting February 27th and ending on March 2nd at the following locations:

- Student REC Center (North Entrance)
- Horn Knapp Lobby
- Human Sciences Building
- Student Wellness Center

Schedule of Events

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  • feed your body and soul February 24 | Feminist Forum: Feed Your Body & Soul
    Teaching, Learning and Professional Development Center (TLPDC) RM 153 (ground level of the University Library) | 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

    Guest Speaker: Dr. Cornelia deRiese, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

    The forum is designed to continue discussions and to create new discussions around feminism past, present and future. A forum of this type strives to create an environment where the cultural and social construction of gender can be freely examined through the history, experiences and contributions of women to society and study the influences of gender on the lives of women and men. This month's forum will focus on current changes in US and State laws pertaining to reproductive health.

    Registration for each forum is FREE. Link to register:
  • zumba fitness dance Sunday, February 26
    TTU Rec Center | 7:15 p.m. | FREE Admission when you donate one item of clothing for the Skinny Clothes Drive

    Let the Music Move You - Try Zumba!
    Participate in a free, introductory class in Zumba, a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that lets the music move you! Zumba combines Latin and international music to provide a work-out with the pure joy of a party!

  • donation box Monday, February 27 through Friday, March 2
    Skinny Clothes Challenge begins for TTU Sororities and TTU Campus
    Donations will be collected on-campus starting February 27th and ending on March 2nd at the following locations:

    - Student REC Center (North Entrance)
    - SUB
    - Horn Knapp Lobby
    - Human Sciences Building
    - Student Wellness Center

  • feed your body and soul fairTuesday, February 28
    Feed Your Body and Soul Fair
    TTU Student Union Bldg. Atrium | 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

    Here’s to your Health! Come visit the Feed Your Body Fair to learn more on intuitive eating, media literacy and activism, and health at every size! Goody bags, t-shirts, and FREE food will be available for the taking! FREE t-shirts while supplies last!

  • belly dancingWednesday, February 29
    Appreciate Your Curves - Try Belly-Dancing!
    TTU Rec Center RM 114 | 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. | FREE

    Participate in a FREE, introductory class in belly-dancing, an easy and fun way to exercise. Belly-dancing provides a great cardio-vascular workout and improves flexibility and strength all while having fun and learning to appreciate your body. Class led by Bryane Velarde.

  • THINWednesday, February 29
    Student Rec Center, RM 205 | 6:45 p.m. - 8:45 p.m. | FREE

    Follow up your bellydancing class with a free movie, THIN (2006)

    The HBO Documentary film Thin takes us inside the walls of Renfrew Center, a residential facility for the treatment of women with eating disorders, closely following four young women (ages 15 - 30) who have spent their lives starving themselves?often to the verge of death. The film deftly chronicles the pervasiveness of restrictive eating behaviors (most of the women profiled learned dysfunctional eating habits from their mothers while growing up), as well as the failure of our current health-insurance industry to address its clients' needs, while never shifting focus from the women themselves. Director Lauren Greenfield documents with astonishing depth the daily rituals, spontaneous friendships and startling swings between recovery and relapse that make up life at the center. The result is a powerful new insight into one of our society's most insidious open secrets.
  • celebrating recoveryThursday, March 1
    Celebration of Recovery
    Serenity Room TTU Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery | 7:00 p.m. | FREE

    Come to a Celebration of Recovery and hear someone's personal story about their path to recovery from an eating disorder.

    For more information about Feed Your Body & Soul Week contact Dr. Klinton Hobbs at (806) 742-3674



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