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Women's Equality Day

Since 2011, we have hosted an event celebrating the nationally recognized day called Women's Equality Day.
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What can I do to celebrate/commemorate this day?

  • Join our Tweetchat online!
    • August 24 - Tweetchat - #WED2018
      We will celebrate Women's Equality Day with an online "Tweet Chat"
       2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. (CDT)
    • What is a "tweet chat"? - A tweetchat is an event where members of the community who participate with social media come together to meet. The goal of this Tweetchat is to promote the awareness of Women's Equality Day while discussing your question(s) and thoughts around What/Who/How are women equal to? Members of the Women's & Gender Studies will moderate the event from the office of Women's Studies located in DOAK Hall RM 123. If you are on campus you are welcome to join us but it is not necessary.
    • How can I participate? - You will need your favorite electronic device that provides you the means to communicate electronically (examples: phone with Twitter application, computer with access to the internet, or other device that provides you access to the internet). If you do not have a twitter account, signing up is easy and quick. Go to https://twitter.com/ and create your account.
    • Search for @TTUWGS and "follow" us. Useful links to news and information about gender equity are welcome. You can also use the quiz below as a starting point for what kind of "tweets" you can contribute to the conversation. When "tweeting" your comments please include the hashtag #WED2018 as we will be tracking the discuss for a future blog post. If you have questions before the event, feel free to "tweet us" anytime.
    • Do I need to show up somewhere? - No. You can participate from anywhere but if you would like to meet other members of the Women's & Gender Studies we will moderate the event from the office of Women's Studies located in DOAK Hall RM 123.
    • To prepare for our "tweetcchat", take a chance with our test your knowledge quiz about Women's Equality Day.
  • Take the Women's Equality Day Quiz
  • Write a blog post answering the question; What is the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment)? And what does it have to do with Women's Equality Day?
  • Write an Op-Ed to your local newspaper on the benefits of Women's Equality Day.
  • Register to Vote - Chances are you're already registered to vote. But, just in case you're not, what better way to celebrate a day commemorating a woman's right to vote, than registering to vote? Visit the Voter Registration Website for assistance with the voting and registration process.
  • Visit a Women's History Organization or Museum. Check out the National Women's History Project for a comprehensive directory of Women's History Organizations and Museums listed by state.
  • Host a film viewing of “Iron Jawed Angels”, “Sister of '77”, “One Woman One Vote” and many others available here in our Edna Gott Lending Library, located in DOAK 123.