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Top Myths about the Women's Studies Program

MYTH: No men allowed.

FACT: You don't have to be a woman to participate in the Minor, to be a feminist, or to be an activist for women's and gender issues. Further, Women's Studies seeks to foster compassion for both sexes.

MYTH: Women's Studies only talks about white women

FACT: Women's Studies is a diverse field that explores race, class, gender and sexuality in complex ways.

MYTH: This will not help me in my career.

FACT: The Women's Studies Minor opens up many career opportunities, even to jobs you might think have nothing to do with women's studies. (Examples: Social Work, Health Sciences, Law, Business, Education, Psychology, etc.)

MYTH: All feminists are the same.

FACT: No two feminists are alike. Feminism is also a diverse concept that represents a number of different interests.

MYTH: I have to be a liberal arts major.

FACT: ANY major can have a Women's Studies minor.

MYTH: Women's Studies is only about suffragists and bra-burners.

FACT: Once again, Women's Studies is a diverse field. It is interdisciplinary and multi-faceted. You'll meet a few feminists, along with many other women and men with varied theoretical frameworks.

MYTH: I have to think a certain way to take these classes.

FACT: The minor does not aim to attract a certain “type” of people. Your opinions will be welcomed and challenged in this setting.


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Women's Studies Council

The purpose of the Women's Studies Council is to advise the Director of the program and enable all members of the University community to participate in and be informed about the Women's Studies Program.