Texas Tech University

Spotlight on Women's Studies


Elizabeth SharpDr. Elizabeth Sharp, Associate Professor, Human Development & Family Studies, Chair of the Gender Equity Council, Member of the Women's Studies Advisory Council, Affiliated Faculty Women's Studies Program.

Dr. Sharp was selected as the winner of the 2016 Anselm Strauss Award for innovation in family qualitative research and the 2015 recipient for the Alexis J. Walker Award for Mid-Career Achievement in Feminist Family Studies.

  • "I consider Elizabeth to be the strongest feminist family scholar of her academic generation. Her work gives me hope for the future of family studies."
  • "On a personal note, I can attest that Elizabeth illustrates what a feminist scholar can be - collaborative, invested, respectful, reflexive, critical, intelligent, compassionate...I have witnessed the care and depth she brings to her work and her concern that it demonstrates feminist ideals in all respects."
  • "True to the values of feminist and critical theories, she is an outstanding model of what it means to be an ethical scholar. Never have I met a professor so committed to beneficence in teaching and research."

For more information about Dr. Sharp visit her departmental web site.


annika conrickAnnika Conrick is a sophomore History major and a Women's Studies minor from Ft. Worth, TX. She has worked as a Social Justice Advocate for University Student Housing. She currently serves as the President of the Tech Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) student organization.  She also serves and is involved in various organizations such as; Raiders Helping Others (RHO) under the Human Rights and Advocacy Committee, Future Lawyers of Today, Tech Student Democrats and mentors a student at Bayless Elementary through the Honors College.

Christy NorfleetChristy Norfleet is the Manager of Sales & Event Planning for Top Tier Catering at Texas Tech University with over 18 years of experience within the hospitality industry. This Greenville, Texas native graduated in 2001 from TTU with a degree in General Studies with emphasis in Art, Interior Design and English. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree with an emphasis in Women's Studies. Christy is responsible for event planning, financial aspects, HR and personnel management within catering. Christy has played a critical role in evolving catering from a punch and cookies service to a multi-million dollar per year, award-winning operation. Christy has also designed and implemented a 10'x80' mural at the Guadalupe Center in Lubbock, designed and implemented an eight panel wall painting in an on-campus dining facility, hand-painted pictures for Smart Choices dining facility and completed various logo/design work for Hospitality Services as well as Lubbock businesses.

Diamond WilliamsDiamond Williams is a graduating senior with a major in Psychology and a minor in Women's Studies. Diamond pursued a degree in Psychology because it has always been of interest to her, even throughout my childhood.While studying to earn this degree, she has had the opportunity to participate in several organizations and opportunities on campus. A few of these include working with the Texas Tech Housing Community as a board member for Complex Council, working with the NAACP, and her recent congressional internship in Washington D.C. She pursued the minor in Women's Studies after taking an introductory course and found that she resonated with a number of the topics discussed. It was then that her definition of feminism began to grow. She was amazed to find courses that dove into the specifics of gender, sex, orientation, and other topics that are often deemed uncomfortable to discuss within every day life. She quickly developed an interest in social activism and understanding multiple perspectives. The Women's Studies program at Texas Tech means many things to Diamond. It serves as a safe space to connect with like-minded individuals and sharpen one another intellectually. It represents a program where the people involved are there for no reason other than their passion and dedication to making the world a more comfortable place. Most importantly, the Women's & Gender Studies represents a beneficial educational approach to things surrounding our identity as humans, and a safe space for personal exploration into identity and purpose, which is something we all ultimately hope to discover.