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Note: The following course(s) are available to all Women's Studies graduate students working to fulfill the Women's Studies GCP or Graduate Minor (including PhD) requirements.



Fall (2014)


The Women's Studies Program will be offering the following graduate class:

  • WS 5360.001 | CRN # 18618 | M 6:00 - 8:50
    Foundations of Women's Studies
    Course Description PDF adobe acrabat

    For more information contact Charlotte Dunham, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, & Social Worktact

Spring Term (2015)


The Women's Studies Program will be offering the following graduate class:

  • WS 5310 Feminist Thought & Theory
  • What will the class cover? - The Women’s Studies Feminist Through & Theory (WS 5310) An examination of important theoretical writings and perspectives in women’s studies, including the contributions of feminist theory and analysis to traditional disciplines.

    Graduate Advisor: Please contact the Director Charlotte Dunham, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, & Social Work, to discuss your plan of action when registering for courses.

Required Courses


  • WS 5360 Foundations of Women's Studies
  • WS 5310 Feminist Thought and Theories

WS Electives

  • *WS 5000 Practicum in Women's Studies
  • *WS 5300 Directed Studies
  • *WS 5340 Special Topics in Women's Studies

* Other Electives:

  • ART
    ART 5360 Seminar in Art Education
    ART 5363 Research Methods in the Visual Arts
    ART 5364 Feminist Research in Visual Studies
    ART 7000 Research
    COMS 5302 Intercultural Communication
    COMS 6308 Seminar in Cultural and Intercultural Communication
    ENGL 5306 Studies in 17th Century British Literature
    ENGL 5309 Studies in 19th Century British Literature
    ENGL 5325 American Fiction
    ENGL 5343 Studies in Literary Criticism
    ENGL 5392 Teaching College Literature
    HIST 5337 Studies of Women in American History
    HIST 5338 Sexuality
    SOC 5336 Seminar in Family Change
    SOC 5313 Minority Relations
    SOC 5335 Seminar in Family Violence
    SOC 5308 Seminar in the Origins of Social Theory
    HDFS 5311 Problems in Human Development & Family Studies
    HDFS 5352 Sex-Gender Roles
    HDFS 5366 Qualitative Methods in Human Development & Family Studies

* With approval by the Graduate Advisor of the Women's Studies Program.

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There are *652 women’s and gender studies programs at community colleges, colleges, and universities in the U.S.

* Source: NWSA

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Women Studies Graduate Advisor:
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