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Although some students do not need a minor, students in other degree programs may seek a minor in Women's Studies by taking 18 hours of course work approved by an the Women's Studies advisor. A grade of C or better must be achieved in each course. The coursework is recommended to be taken in the order listed below:

  1. WS 2300: Introduction to Women's Studies
  2. Choose three (3) classes from the following "cross-listed" course options.
  3. Spring - WS 4310: Feminist Thought & Theory
  4. Fall - WS 4399: Women's Studies Seminar

Degree Plan

Curriculum Table for Minor (Undergraduate) in Women’s Studies - Curriculum Table for Undergrad Minor

  • The Women's Studies Program is an interdisciplinary academic program that examines the cultural and social construction of gender, explores the history, experiences and contributions of women to society, and studies the influences of gender on the lives of women and men.
  • Students may minor in Women’s Studies by completing 18 hrs of selected course work. Courses for the minor are finalized and approved in conjnction with the Women’s Studies advisor.
  • All required courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher.
  • Other WS courses may be substituted, if approved, by the Director of the Women’s Studies Program.

Transfer Policy *

Undergraduate students who have attended an accredited college beyond high school graduation and have been accepted for admission to Texas Tech can submit proof of course work (ex.a syllabus) for up to two (2) WS Courses. Transcripts must reflect credit of a "C" or above to be considered for approval by the Director of the Women's Studies Program.

* Pending transfer credit approval, the following curriculum table should be followed to receive credit for the minor.


All students are required to meet with the Women's Studies Academic Advisor, each semester prior to advance registration to review their degree progress, discuss schedule planning, and address any questions or concerns student may have in their educational experience.

Curriculum Table for Minor

Undergraduate in Women’s Studies - Curriculum Table for Undergrad Minor

  Third Year    
Fall Hrs Spring Hrs
WS 2300, Intro to Women’s Studies 3 WS -"cross-listed" Course 3
WS -"cross-listed" Course 3 WS 4310 Feminist Thought & Theory 3
  Fourth Year    
Fall Hrs    
WS -"cross-listed"Course 3    
WS 4399, Women’s Studies Seminar 3    
Total Hours: 18      


Required Courses:



WS 2300

Intro to Women’s Studies


WS 4310

Feminist Thought & Theory

WS 2300

WS 4399

Women’s Studies Seminar

WS 2300 & WS 4310

Choose 3 courses from the"cross-list" below


Delivering Department (Offered By)

WS 1305^ Human Sexuality (HLTH 1305)
WS 2300+ Introduction to Women's Studies Women's Studies
WS 2305 Intersectionalities: Race, Class & Gender in the Global World Women's Studies
WS 2301 Gender Roles: Lifespan Developmental Perspectives (HDFS 2300)
WS 2331^ Sociology of Marriage (SOC 2331)
WS 3306^ Women in Culture and Society (ANTH 3306)
WS 3307 Gender Issues in Sport (ESS 3352)
WS 3312^ Gender and Communication (COMS 3334)
WS 3321^ Human Sexuality Through the Family Life Cycle (HDFS 3321)
WS 3323^ Women in Modern America (HIST 3323)
WS 3325^ Gendered Lives (SOC 3325)
WS 3326 Women and Politics (POLS 3326)
WS 3331^ Sociology of the Family (SOC 3331)
WS 3332 Feminism and Philosophy (PHIL 3332)
WS 3337^ Inequality in America (SOC 3337)
WS 3340 Gender Sexuality in the Classical World (CLAS 3340)
WS 3341+ Women in European Civilization (HIST 3341)
WS 3342 Intro to Research in Human Geography (GEOG 3340)
WS 3382 Women Writers (ENGL 3382)
WS 4302 Psychology of Human Sexual Behavior (PSY 4300)
WS 4305 Directed Studies Women's Studies
WS 4310 Feminist Thought & Theories Women's Studies
WS 4325 Major Issues in U.S. Women's History (HIST 4325)
WS 4355 Women in Conflict in the 20th Century (HIST 4355)
WS 4399^ Women's Studies Seminar Women's Studies

^ Fulfills Core Social and Behavioral Sciences - Individual or Group Behavior Requirement
+ Fullfills Core Humanities Requirement


There are *652 women’s and gender studies programs at community colleges, colleges, and universities in the U.S.

* Source: NWSA

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Special Approval Courses

  • During registration, our WS prefix courses have a "special approval" attached to the course requiring the student to contact the WS office to be advised.
  • WS prefix courses of this type are "cross-listed" with other departments already offering the same course, with the same instructor, on the same day and time with a different Course Number (CRN). These courses are only for students interested in Minoring in Women's Studies.
  • How do I enroll in "special approval" classes? Read more...

For more information about special approval courses contact the WS Undergraduate Advisor, Tricia Earl, by phone or email patricia.a.earl@ttu.edu

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