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  • For all courses, go to Raiderlink and search the WS prefix course list.


  • For all courses, go to Raiderlink and search the WS prefix course list.

Upper Level Face-to-Face


  • WS 4399 | Required for WS Students
    Women's Studies Seminar - Prerequisites: WS 2300 and senior standing. A capstone course for the minor in women's studies. Extends, integrates, synthesizes, and applies women's studies knowledge.


  • WS 4310 | Required for WS Students
    Feminist Thought & Theory - An examination of important theoretical writings and perspectives in women's studies, including the contributions of feminist theory and analysis to traditional disciplines.

  • For all "cross-listed" courses, go to Raiderlink and search the WS prefix course list.


Honor Society

New Course Offering

  • WS 2305.002 | Open to All Students
    What will the class cover? - The study of women’s experiences as influenced by such social statuses and identities as race, class, and global status.

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  • Contact Tricia Earl, Coordinator and Advisor, at patricia.a.earl@ttu.edu to discuss your plan of action when registering for courses.

Core Curriculum

  • How does WS 2300, Introduction to Women's Studies, impact my education? Read more...

Undergraduate Courses for the Minor

Special Approval Courses

  • During registration, our WS prefix courses have a "special approval" attached to the course requiring the student to contact the WS office to be advised.
  • How do I enroll in "special approval" classes? Read more...
  • WS prefix courses of this type are "cross-listed" with other departments already offering the same course, with the same instructor, on the same day and time with a different Course Number (CRN). These courses are only for students interested in Minoring in Women's Studies.
  • For more information about special approval courses contact the WS Undergraduate Advisor, Tricia Earl, by phone or email patricia.a.earl@ttu.edu

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There are *652 women’s and gender studies programs at community colleges, colleges, and universities in the U.S.

* Source: NWSA

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