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Women's Studies Affiliated Faculty

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It is my pleasure to welcome you as an affiliated faculty member in the Women's Studies Program. As you know, the status carries no financial or teaching obligations, but it does represent an expression of your commitment to the advancement of women's, gender and identity studies at Texas Tech.

We do have several opportunities for engagement with the Women's Studies program if you wish. We have several co-curricular events throughout the academic year as well as an academic conference each spring and your help with planning and promotion of these events would be most welcome. There are multiple opportunities to connect with students and faculty with similar interests in gender through our programming, especially the monthly brown bag series, which is an informal lunch discussion, held every month during the fall and spring semesters. We have the Edna Maynard Gott Memorial Library in 123 Doak Hall that contains videos and books on women's and gender issues that are available to be checked out. Also if you have courses taught from a gender and feminist perspective that you would like for us to advertise to our students or, in the case of undergraduate courses, apply to have them cross-listed please let us know.

Thank you for your active interest in the continued growth and development of the Women's Studies Program at Texas Tech University. We welcome your involvement with our program because it is through the efforts of dedicated faculty members like you that the program continues to carry on its mission of supporting both undergraduate and graduate-level teaching, research and co-curricular programming for the women and men on this campus and in the community.

Again, on behalf of the TTU Women's Studies Program, I thank you for your support.

Charlotte Chorn Dunham
Director of Women's Studies
Texas Tech University

Name Position Department
Gretchen Adams Assoc Professor History
Future Akins-Tillett Asst Professor School of Art
Melanie Barnes Senior Research Associate Geosciences
Cordelia Barrera Asst Professor English
Kanika Batra Asst Professor English
Hendrika Buelinckx Professor Architecture
Michael Borshuk Asst Professor English
Laura Calkins Asst Professor History
Perry Carter Assoc Professor Economics and Geography
Dorothy Chansky Assoc Professor Theatre & Dance
Ed Check Assoc Professor School of Art
Constance Cortez Assoc Professor School of Art
Stefano Damico Assoc Professor History
Marliss Desens Assoc Professor English
Cornelia de Riese Clinical Associate Professor in Private Practice  
Francesca di Poppa Asst Professor Philosophy
Ali Duffy Asst Professor College of Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) - Dance
Charlotte Dunham Professor Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work (SASW) & Women's Studies
Michael J. Faris Asst Professor Technical Communication and Rhetoric
Carol Flueckiger Assoc Professor School of Art
Robin Dru Germany Assoc Professor School of Art
D'Uan Green Unit Assoc Director University Student Housing
Lindsay Greenlee Research Asst Professor Phychological Sciences
Sara V. Guengerich Assoc Professor Classical & Modern Language & Literature (CMLL)
Barbara Hahn Asst Professor History
Liz Hall-Burns Assoc Professor Health Exercise Sports Science (HESS)
Fred Hartmeister Professor Educational Psychology Leadership
Amy Heuman Assoc Professor Communication Studies
Rebecca Hite Asst Professor Curriculum and Instruction
Victoria Howle Asst Professor Mathematics
Wendy Humphrey Assoc Professor  School of Law
Mary Jane Hurst Professor English
Jacqueline Kolosov-Wenthe Assoc Professor English
Abigail Selzer King Asst Professor English (Technical Communication & Rhetoric)
Marta Kvande Assoc Professor English
David Larmour Paul Whitfield Horn Professor Classical & Modern Language & Literature (CMLL)
Donald Lavigne Asst Professor Classical & Modern Language & Literature (CMLL)
Miguel Levario Asst Professor History
Laura Lowe Asst Professor SASW
Patricia Maloney Asst Professor SASW
Aretha Marbley Professor Education
Lynda McBride Instructor Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS)
Jacalyn McComb Professor Health, Exercise & Sports Science (HESS)
Peter Muhlberger Professor Mass Comm
Mary Mullen Asst Professor English
Miriam Mulsow Assoc Professor Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS)
Valerie Paton Professor Education - EPL
Sara Peso White Instructor School of Art & Women's Studies
Anne Prouty Assoc Professor Applied & Professional Studies
Marjean Purinton Professor English
Ann Ransdell Daghistany Assoc Professor English
Rebecca Rickly Assoc Professor English
Connie Scarborough Professor Classical & Modern Language & Literature (CMLL)
Elizabeth Sharp Professor Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS)
Yuan Shu Assoc Professor English
Christopher Smith Assoc Professor Chair of Musicology, College of Visual & Performing Arts (CVPA)
Martha Smithey Assoc Professor Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work (SASW)
Sara Spurgeon Asst Professor English
Annette Sobel Assoc Professor Executive for Health Security, Engineering, Office of the President
Brian Steele Assoc Professor Associate Dean, College of Visual & Performing Arts (CVPA)
Victoria Surliuga Assoc Professor CMLL
Vickie Sutton Robert H. Bean Professor of Law Director, Center for Biodefense, Law Public Policy
Natalie Tarenko Instructor School of Law
Susan Tomlinson Asst Dean Honors College
Richard Verrone Instructor/Graduate Advisor History
Christine Walker Asst Professor History
Heather Warren-Crow Asst Professor College of Visual & Performing Arts (CVPA)
Julie Willett Assoc Professor History
Dana Weiser Asst Professor Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS)
Aliza Wong Assoc Professor Assoc Dean Honors, History
Jingzhou (James) Yang Asst Professor Mechanical Engineering
 Elissa Zellinger  Asst Professor  English