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Business Intelligence, Marketing, Analysis and Reporting

 About Us

Business Intelligence, Marketing, Analysis and Reporting (BIMAR) provides direct support to all of the Texas Tech Operations Division through departmental marketing services, information collection and analysis, report development, as well as metric standardization across the division. 


  •  Act as an information hub for all Operations Division decisions.
  • Point of contact for all Operations Division data driven marketing.
  • Transforms Operation Division departmental data into actional information through dashboards, reports, and marketing materials.
  • Responsible for managing and developing report portal, RFI web site, Qualtrics surveys, and work quality audits.
  • Develop, maintain, and implement KPIs aligned with Operations Division mission and vision.
  • Design and publish Operation Division annual report, calendar, and mailing cards.
  • Verify and submit:
    • National Science Foundation Reports every other December
    • NACUBO and APAA surveys every December
    • AASHE STARS reports every Spring
    • Continuous Improvement report every Fall


Strategies & Tactics

Data Integrity

Strategy: Ensuring the use of standards and business rules to provide the most accurate, correct and timely information possible.

Data Alignment

Strategy: Internal Alignment to controllable systems and influence external use of system consistency to definitive data sources, which ensures accuracy across multiple systems, streamlined data collection, and validation.

Expert Guidance

Strategy: BIMAR will promote a culture of transparency as the resource for data systems, operations, and process development.


  • Coaching accurate data entry
  • Automation
  • Executing a consistent data validation methodology


  • Through aligning Facilities Inventory with all related systems as the source for the Facilities Inventory
  • Directing use of a singular definitive data source i.e. Banner, TMA, AdAstra etc.
  • Clarity in data processes


  • Provide options for better decision making
  • Aid the implementation of new processes
  • Provide data driven marketing products

Contact Information

Sam Polk

3122 Main Street
Lubbock, TX 79409

Operations Division: Business Services