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8.0. Financial Assistance

A limited number of graduate assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis each year. Only students in the M.S. thesis option and the Ph.D. program are eligible for these assistantships. Teaching assistantships require the student to serve as instructor for undergraduate courses or laboratories under faculty supervision. Research assistantships require the student to assist on one or more research projects under faculty supervision.

Half-time graduate assistantship require that the student work 20 hours per week. Assistantships are considered half-time employment and the student is responsible for the hours of work and for the work output. A graduate assistant does not accrue annual leave. Each M.S.-thesis option student who is on a half-time graduate assistantship is required to register for 12 credit hours each regular semester and 6 credit hours for each summer session (with 2 summer sessions per summer). Ph.D. students who are on half-time graduate assistantships are required to register for 12 hours in each regular semester and 3 hours in each summer session. A graduate assistant is expected to remain free from other employment.

The assistantship stipends follow University guidelines and are subject to change each year. Students must maintain a B average or better and perform assigned duties in a satisfactory manner to retain a graduate assistantship. Performance is reviewed each semester.

A limited number of scholarships are available on the basis of need and academic achievement. Contact the department Graduate Advisor for more information.

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