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Agricultural & Applied Economics Degree with Minor in General Business

This degree program allows students to combine and integrate business and economics by obtaining a minor in General Business with an Agricultural and Applied Economics degree.

The Agricultural and Applied Economics degree includes training in economic theory with application courses in marketing, international trade, natural resource economics, commodity trading, real estate appraisal, etc.

The General Business minor (from the College of Business Administration) includes business courses in accounting, marketing, management, and finance.

By combining a General Business minor with an Agricultural and Applied Economics degree, the student develops a well-rounded understanding of the economic factors that impact all types of businesses along with business principles and practices. Students completing this program will be better educated for the world economy and will have enhanced marketability for a wide range of careers. They will also be prepared to enter a Master of Business Administration program or a Master's Degree program in Agricultural and Applied Economics.

Minor in General Business (course requirements)

ECO 2302 Principles of ECO II (Macroeconomics)
ACCT 2300 Financial Accounting
ACCT 2301 Managerial Accounting
BA 3301 Marketing Concepts and Strategy
BA 3303 Foundations of Finance
BA 3304 Operations Management
BA 3305 Organization Management

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