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Humanities and Cultures

You're interested in learning what makes us different from the people of the past— or discovering if we are that different.

Develop your knowledge of ancient civilizations, thinkers and artists. Explore modern cultures in the classroom and abroad. Maybe you have an ear for language and would love to travel the world. Use your understanding of language and communication in teaching or counseling. Work for a company with offices around the world.


Why Tech?

Wess Mitchell, BA/History, Political Science and German, 2001, asked two questions when looking at colleges: "How much time will the faculty spend with me?" and "Is this school moving forward or just resting on its laurels?" His answers led him to Texas Tech.

"I chose Texas Tech because of the up-front interactions I had with the people there and the smaller class sizes. Texas Tech is going places."

- Wess Mitchell, BA '01


Colleges and Majors

Here are the colleges that have majors in Humanities & Cultures.

  • Anthropology Forensic Anthropology

  • Criminology

  • English Creative Writing, English Teaching, Literature and Language

  • Geography and the Environment

  • Geosciences Environmental Geology, Geology, Geophysics

  • Global Studies

  • History

  • International Economics

  • Languages and Cultures American Sign Language/English Interpretation, Chinese Language and Area Studies, Classics, French, German, Russian Language and Area Studies

  • Political Science American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Policy and Public Administration

  • Social Work

  • Sociology

  • Spanish Hispanic Linguistics Concentration, Literature and Cultures of the Spanish Speaking World, Spanish in Global Context, Hispanic Linguistics

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Human Sciences

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Honors Sciences & the Humanities

    If you're looking for more in your college experience, the Honors College lets you spend time in and out of class with others who share your passion for learning. Specialized courses, undergraduate research, early registration and an Honors residence hall community compliment the outstanding instruction you'll receive from expert faculty.

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

  • Art Art Education, Art History, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Transmedia

  • Dance

  • Interdisciplinary Arts Studies

  • Music Composition, Performance, Theory

  • Theatre Arts Acting, Design/Technology, Musical Theatre

Pair your cultural study with one of Texas Tech's language majors or minors for a better understanding of your field and increased marketability.

Bold = Majors | Italics = Specializations and Concentrations

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